un père et son enfant peignent en même temps une toile de peintre

This session is a beautiful moment of life revolving around creation!

Come create your own painting with your family.
Canva (100 x 100 cm), tools and paints are at your disposal, all you have to do is have fun and give free rein to your imagination.
No skills are required, you will be guided throughout the session.
A nice moment to share with (grand)parents, children, cousins or friends.
Private session.
Choice of dates by appointment
On Sunday or public holidays
Session price (2-3h): €300* package
*The price includes: frame 100 x 100 cm, paintings (special paintings if a child under 3 is present), tools, aprons, finishing touches (edges + varnish) and photo session.
It is possible to work on the same canvas with up to 4/5 people.
Beyond that, an additional canvas is required (+ approx.50€)

Valérie Telesca
Valérie Telesca
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